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Apr 1, 2010

URL Rewriting with PHP and IIS 7


Hello friends !! Few days ago, I faced a URL rewriting problem on windows server. After checking the server configuration, I found that there is an II7 installed. After long research about this, I found that II7 is not support .HTACCESS. If youwant to male your site SEO URL friendly, then you have to use web.config file for URL rewriting instead of .HTACCESS. Now the question is how to make web.config file from .HTACCESS ?

IIS 7 uses a file called Web.config to hold settings for integration with applications. The Web.config file contains information that control module loading, security configuration, session state configuration, and application language and compilation settings. Web.config files can also contain application-specific items such as database connection strings.
Today in this post, I will explain you how to make it ? This post contains most common uses of the .htaccess file by PHP applications, and shows how to use the Web.config file for these same functions in IIS.
Now First Here are the sample files of .HTACCESS and Web.config.
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Feb 17, 2010

Can’t login into admin panel of Magento (Problem and Solution)


Hello Friends !!

Yesterday, when I was starting to work on Magento E-commerce. When I was access Magento after installation, I can’t logged in Admin section.

After long time serching and research in Magento, finally I found the solution and currently I am able to login to admin section. Today I explain you about the problem and the solution.

First of all, what is Magento ?

Magento is one of the Opensource for E-commerce Websites. Its a top level opensource in E-commerce category.

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Jan 27, 2010

How to use Opencart Admin

Hello Friends !!

I have make two sites in Opencart. Opencart is a opensource shopping cart. This is very user friendly and very easy to use.

Today, it is become very famous to make e-commerce sites. Because its very easy to install and very user friendly to use it.

In any Open source, admin is the main part. And if you understand that how to use admin then you can manage your stie easily.

So for new users of Opencart, I have make one document which gives you the steps for how to use the admin. So please download this document and follow the instructions given in this document.


Feel free to post comments.


Jan 20, 2010

MySQL to RSS feed(XML)-Used in Google Product Search


Hello Friends !!

In my last post, I explain you how to export data from MySQL to tab formatted TXT file.

I think you all aware about Google Product Search.

In Google Product Search, which is used for search any product around the world. Currently many shopping sites stores their products in Google Product Search.

For store data in google product search, Google supports txt and xml (RSS) file.

Now I make one another script which used to export data from MySQL to RSS (XML). Actually google product also preffer RSS feed.

For this you have to create one datafeed.xml and save this file where PHP script file is stored. Here I give you code :
Click Here for more details :
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Apr 10, 2009

Set Cookies in PHP

Hello Friends !!

Today i will show you hiw to use Cookie in PHP.

First of all Cookies are small pieces of text, stored by a user’s web browser, that contain the user’s settings, shopping cart contents, or other data used by websites.

In PHP we can set cookies by inbuilt function setcookie().

setcookie(‘username’, $name);

It is very easy to use and understand. First parameter is the name of the cookie and second one is the value you want to store in cookie.

By above code you can set simple cookie and this cookie will be deleted when user close their browser.

We can also set the time how long we want the cookie.

$cookie_life = time() + 31536000;
setcookie(‘username’, $name, $cookie_life);

Above example create cookie for 1 year. Yes 31536000 seconds means 1 year.Remember, cookies must be deleted with the same parameters they were set with.If users clear their history from browser then cookies will be deleted.
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Apr 8, 2009

Security in PHP – Tutorial

Hello Friends !!

Today I found one PDF file about PHP Security. Here I will give you that tutorial.

In this tutorial all the PHP security issues are explained in easu language.

Document is about worth 15 pages so i can’t write it in my blog.

Simply click on link shown below and you can see that PDF file. But first you have to install Adobe PDF reader.

CLICK HERE to see tutorial.

If you like this tutorial then please comment on this post. If you have any query then also tell me.

Click below links for more tutorials:

I will try my best to solve your problem.


Mar 26, 2009

Redirect to https (SSL) in php

Hello Friends !!

Today I found some new things. This post is show you how to redirect to https(SSL) in PHP.

First, What is SSL ? Let me Explained :

SSL meand Secure Socket Layer. It is developed by Netscape to transmit private data via Internet.

SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data – a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message. Both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer support SSL, and many Web sites use the protocol to obtain confidential user information, such as credit card numbers. By convention, URLs that require an SSL connection start with https: instead of http:

Most of e-commerce sites uses payment gateway for online payment.And those sites use SSL connection to transfer data to and from the payment gateway.

Most of the sites use http protocol. But in above case wehave to redirect browser to https.
If you want to see example, write “” in browser, it automatically redirects to https.It means site transfer to SSL protocol.

First of all, you should know that SSL must be installed in the server. To redirect the browser to “https” , we must know that the site is using SSL or not at the moment. And for this, there is a server variable in PHP called “HTTPS”. $_SERVER['HTTPS'] returns “on” values when the site is using SSL connection.
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Mar 21, 2009

Take cPanel full backup-PHP

Hello Friends !!

I found some new thing to take backup your site/blog from server.

I give you script to take backup.

This will take full backup from cPanel to FTP.

The first, cpbackup_cfg.php, shown below, must be edited to insert your site and FTP server login credentials.

$cpuser = “xxxxxxxxxx”;
$cppass = “xxxxxxxxxx”;
$domain = “”;
$skin = “x2″;

$ftpuser = “xxxxxxxx”;
$ftppass = “xxxxxxxx”;
$ftphost = “”;
$ftpmode = “passiveftp”;
$ftpdir = “/subdir”;

$notifyemail = “”;

$delbackup = 1;

$secure = 0;

$debug = 0;

The second file, cp_backup.php, shown below, is the backup script itself.
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Mar 10, 2009

Preventing SQL Injection Attacks with MySQL and PHP-2

Hello Friends !!

If you remember then in my older post on SQL injection, I was explain you basic of SQL injection and basic code to prevent SQL injection.

Today I will explain how to prevent SQL injection using encryption ?

I think you all use MySQL for database purpose.We add one variable named key . This Key is concatenate with original password.

There is one fieldtype md5. We will use this type to store password.

I list some steps for this method :
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