URL rewriting in Magento

Hi Friends.. Currently I am working in Magento. Its a great experience for me to learn Magento. Since many time, I want to learn Magento and I got Opportunity to work on one live project in magento. I am really very happy to work on magento and learn magento. When I have started work on magento, I faced many issues in magento like understanding structure, theme structure and many things. I will write here  about my experience with mangento every day.

Here in this post, I am going to show you all that how to enable URL rewriting in Magento ? Its a simple thing but its very important in any online store. Because URL rewriting is useful in Search Engine Optimization.

So in magento if you want to start URL rewriting in magento, you have to take care of below steps :

1) First check on server that mod_rewrite is enabled.

2) After that when you are installing magento, Check the checkbox for url rewriting.

3) And mail task is when you have completed installation, then go to admin->system->index management and check all the checkboxes and select reindex from dropdown and click on save.

    Thats it.. Now check your front end. I bet it will works fine now. If you have any issue or any suggestion then you can comment on this.

    Thanks a lot !!

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      I am facing same problem. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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