How to use custom menu in WordPress 3.0.X

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Currently I pass my lots of time to work with wordpress. And today I want to share with you that how to use custom menu section in wordpress 3.0 or later.

I think most of people heard about this but didnt know how to use this. Today I want to share with you the usage guide of custom menu section.

First of all I want to clear with you that this is a new feature in wordpress 3.0 and later version. Using this feature you can create your own navigation for frontend with dropdown facility. Let us see the steps of how to do this :

1) First of all go to your admin->appearance->menus.

2) When you add new menu, you can see added menu in left “Primary Navigation”. Now you can add menu items from “custom links”, “Pages” and “Categories”.

3) When you add menuitems, you can see that item in right side. You can see “Yahoo” in above image. Its an external link menu item. If you want to make any menu item as achild page of any other menu item, just drag that menu link and place below parent. See above image. in Above image, “uncategorized” is a child of  “yahoo”.

4) You can create as many menus as you want. But you can show menus as compatible with your theme. The default twenty-ten theme supports only one custom menu. So for default theme, you have to select menu from “Primary location”.

5) Thats it. Now you can see your choosen menu in frontend.

If you like this post or if you have any suggestion or any confusion then just comment me. I will defenately solve your issue.

Thanks !!

  • Rakshit Patel

    Good good. Looks like you are really “PHP Genious” !!

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  • Vidhi Sanghavi

    Really good 1!
    Actually I posted the same for the customize theme ie. other than twenty-ten theme!

  • soumen kundu

    Thnx .

  • Mark

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