URL Rewriting in Opencart

Hello Friends !! Today I am going to introduce that how to enable URL rewriting in Opencart.

I have completed my two projects in opencart and I already faced the problem that how to enable URL rewriting in Opencart.

So today I want to share with all of you guys that how to use URL rewriting in Opencart.

Follow below steps :

1) Rename your htaccess.txt to .htaccess.
2) Enter in admin area.
3) Go to Admin->Configuration->Settings->Server and check SEO URL option Yes.
4) Then you have to enter SEO keyword field in every products/categories/information etc.
5) You can find this field at that time of insertion or edition.

After all this settings, I am sure that URL rewriting is working in your opencart site.

If you have further query or if you have any confusion, then feel free to comment me. I will try my best to solve your issues..

Thanks in advance !!!

  • Mails6624


    I tried same thing but it not working at all. Please let me know any alternative solution for it.


  • Anonymous


    There are many possibilities for not working this URL rewriting. You can add me in your gtalk or yahoo IM. You can find my IM ids from about page.


  • nikhil dodeja

    i have till problem in url rewritting in opencart
    what i can do

    my problem is the url is redirect successfully but page can not be displayed

    i have entered all the seo keyworkd in all the category and product

  • Mahesh

    i am using opencart version . soe friendly url is working fine in localhost but not in live server.with thanks in advance

  • Inil1980

    the solution is simple. you have to add seo keyword for your category or product during add or edit..and they must be unique..

  • Feedaudio

    I installed everything correctly but is giving the error:

    Notice: Undefined index: query in / home / domain / public_html / store / catalog / model / tool / seo_url.php on line 13

    What is the reason from error?


  • Webastral Test

    Please give your gtalk id , I am having the same problem. My url rewriting is not working


  • Pnt Dilip

    I have done every thing and i am getting URL /mc-naughty/Chetau/Apple Cinema 30″ on the server


  • Heloise

    I tried url rewriting and m getting this error “Object not found!” wat can be the prob please help? i have changed the htaccess file to .htaccess and uncommented it RewriteBase /

  • Nagu Yallu

    hello i have to work on opencart  . so pls info me which are the php package are using in opencart pla as soon as possible 

  • Maz

    Thank you so much

  • Maz

    Hi products url rewrite is working fine but when i changed categories it can not find page. Help please

  • Mark

    Many thanks, read the OpenCart docs and didn’t spot the SEO Keyword bit.

  • http://seo.qalebfa.ir/ سئو

    how to change url tag in opencart? plz help me

  • John

    I followed your instructions exactly. I can get my pages to show up using the correct seo url and the pages display correctly. My Issue is that there is a light shading over the product picture, product options, add to cart button, etc. on the product page. If you could please help me it would be such a lifesaver. I have a completed OpenCart website that is ready to go besides this. You can email me at john60178@gmail.com if its possible.
    Thanks in Advance,

  • http://seo.qalebfa.ir/ سئو

    oh no 🙁
    nobody answer to me 🙁

  • anna

    i did it but i can see some special character in my url .. what should i do to remove them ?

  • vinay kumar


    I have a opencart e-commerce website, for this website i have used VQMOD models and Custom plugins, Once i click the home menu of my website the following url http://Domainname/?route=common/home is obtained,
    But i need the above url to be a SEO friendly url as http://Domainname/home,
    I just tried to fix SEO friendly url opencart models in my website, but it’s not working, kindly suggest me to resolve this issue.

  • manan thakkar

    I have done this part and I got what I need in URL but I need ” .html ” in the end of URL of my category products and information pages.
    The company who Is doing an SEO for my store they have asked for this thing. I tried a lot options including htacess but it’s not working plz help me with this issue I am loosing money every day..