Image upload/display problem in FCK editor-solution

Hello friends !!

We generally use FCK Editor for the editor purpose in our website. But In many occation, every one has faced I mage uploading problem or Image not shown in frontend. Its an common errors of FCK editor.

For resolving these errors you have to set some parameters in the fck config file.
click below for more details :

If you have a problem of Image uploading, then follow below steps :

Go through this file FCKeditor\editor\filemanager\connectors\php\config.php and set absolute path of your directory. I think you all are know about absolute and relative path. Please set below path in your config file.

$Config[‘UserFilesPath’] = ‘’ ;

$Config[‘UserFilesAbsolutePath’] = ‘directody path of userfiles folder/’ ; // like home/htdocs/..

Using above step, your image upload problem and Image display problem will be solved. I have already faced these problems and also solved this problems.

If you have any suggestion or any query the feel free to comment on this.

Thanks !!

  • Kodgimath Ashwin

    I tried your solution but, i could not solve’ed it.
    pls, help me

  • Timir999

    Can you tell me exectly whats the problem ?