Security in PHP – Tutorial

Hello Friends !!

Today I found one PDF file about PHP Security. Here I will give you that tutorial.

In this tutorial all the PHP security issues are explained in easu language.

Document is about worth 15 pages so i can’t write it in my blog.

Simply click on link shown below and you can see that PDF file. But first you have to install Adobe PDF reader.

CLICK HERE to see tutorial.

If you like this tutorial then please comment on this post. If you have any query then also tell me.

Click below links for more tutorials:

I will try my best to solve your problem.


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  • php programmer

    Thanks for updating us with the nice information.

  • Timir shah

    Thanks sir for comment. I see your site and its very nice.. I will contact you from your contact Us..

  • Hire PHP Developers

    Hi I am a php developer and looking for tips on how to combat with sql injections. Recently one of my client site was attacked by hackers I think they use sql injections. Help with source code will be appreciated.