Useful SEO tips for WordPress Blog users – 2

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This post contains some more tips for SEO.

1. Permalinks

First of all you have to change your permalinks SEO friendly. Go to Settings -> Permalinks and after that select date and name based. See image displayed :

2. Submit your blog search engines

Do not forget to submit your blog to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live search engines. You can use the sitemap created in previous tip (if you already did that) in all submissions.

Google: go to Webmaster Tools in your Google account and add your blog URL; follow steps to add blog sitemap and verify ownership of blog.

MSN: Main Microsoft search engine is Live Search now. Go to Microsoft Webmaster, submit your blog URL and sitemap, and then verify blog ownership like what you did for Google, Yahoo search engine submission.

Yahoo: go to Yahoo Site Explorer, follow steps to add sitemap and verify your blog ownership – quite similar to steps in Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Tagging & Meta Keywords

Make tags for your blogs and make them as your meta keywords. All search engines crawl the pages based on the keywords. Use strong and unique keywords for you blog.

4. Create a Sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. Many search engines uses sitemap to crawl the site more intelligently (including Google, you know how important it is). A free sitemap XML generator plugin is available here. This can be used in conjunction with this plugin to make human-readable sitemap for your blog.

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  • Tom

    These two SEO related posts become very useful to me.
    Thanks…Keep posting.

  • Tom

    These two SEO related posts become very useful to me.
    Thanks…Keep posting.

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