JavaScriptMVC 1.5 Released

Do you know MVC ?

MVC is a framework named Model-View-Controller.

A design pattern used in services architectures. MVC expresses the separation of a software architecture into three distinct elements. The ‘Model’ is how the underlying data is structured. The ‘View’ is what is presented to the user or consumer. The ‘Controller’ is the element that performs the processing.

For javascript users, JavaScriptMVC 1.5 Released and version 1.5 is offically available for download.

New features include:

  • Env.js/Shrinksafe based compression: A custom env to simulate the browser. As the browser encounters script tags, it adds them to a collection and then compresses them. This means instant file concat and compression from the command line with no extra work.
  • Env.js Testing: Prior to 1.5, tests ran in the browser only. With Env, the same tests can be run from the command line. Great for projects where you need a quick way of checking if functionality works before check-in.
  • Documentation:New JavaScript based documentation library split between JSDoc and NaturalDocs.
  • Code Generators: Added code generators and made building custom ones easy too by using EJS.
  • Scaffolding: Helps you develop iteratively by connecting to default Rest services and providing an easily expandable CRUD interface.
  • Engines+Plugins: Added a command line plugin and dependency installer. So, if a developer wanted a jQuery plugin, he can install it from the command line, and it will also grab jQuery.
  • Custom Event Delegation: Besides improving event delegation to cover all the cases that even live doesn’t do, they’ve expanded it to include custom events such as drag+drop, lasso, hoverenter, mousenter. Developers can have the benefits of event delegation with these complex events.
  • Easy Update: JavaScriptMVC can update itself from the command line.

JavaScriptMVC v1.5 is now available for download and a new, updated “Getting Started” page is available to get you up to speed quickly.

Update: A more detailed writeup can be found here:

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